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A ASC – Advanced Skin Care, Lda. foi constituída em 2007, com sede nas Caldas da Rainha.
Desde então tem vindo a consolidar a sua posição como fornecedor de referência de Dispositivos Médicos,
para as especialidades de Cirurgia Plástica e Reconstrutiva, Dermatologia e Medicina Estética, entre outras.


About us



ASC – Advanced Skin Care, Lda. was created in 2007.

Since then, it has consolidated its position as a reference supplier of Medical Devices, for the specialties of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine, among others.

The events organized by ASC – Advanced Skin Care, Lda allow participants not only to deepen their knowledge but also to get to know their team, the ASC organization, by recognizing codes of professional conduct, credibility of information, responsibility , guarantee and quality of its products, as well as clinical recognition of their effectiveness.

In addition to the organized events, it also participates in all major Portuguese and international congresss, such as IMCAS, Monaco, WEM, among others.

Our Vision

Embracing challenges, responding effectively and efficiently.
Be the first choice in the market, through the recognition and reference of our partners.
With the quality and professional competence of its team, it guarantees its medical devices (innovative and high quality products) standing out and committing itself to its clients / partners.

ASC aims to be recognized by customers and partners with a set of:




ASC – Advanced Skin Care, Lda., Besides its corporate structure, is a fantastic team that works in its cooperation, investment and involvement, enabling its continuous growth and moving more and more in the sharing of values, namely:

a) possibility of being always ahead of any change or evolutionary process;
b) putting new ideas into practice, being “the first”, applying the best practices;

a) recognized by the community for its credible organization that inspires trust and reliability, complying with the rules, respecting and seeking the truth and standards of social morality;
b) responsibility and speech according to the way they act;

a) want to go further, having a catalytic attitude towards the creation of value;
b) willingness to take risks in order to find the best solutions;
c) the pursuit of excellence.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to find, represent and market high quality, guaranteed and innovative products for physicians in plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

The global market for global economic growth, response, speed and quality, market opportunities with the aim of only getting the satisfaction of its customers, but also contribute to the future of our society-end-consumer satisfaction.

All products marketed not only bear a CE mark but are also registered in Infarmed.

The identity of the ASC is based on values ​​such as: – Quality, safety, security and innovation of its products and services; – Integrity, rigor and high standards of ethics; – Responsibility and teamwork – Compliance with legal, regulatory, technical and normative requirements applicable to our activity; – Raising new customers and products derived from the transmission image to customers and suppliers. ASC – Advanced Skin Care, Lda: – Strives for growth in a very competitive market; – Provision of continuous actions through the organization of international workshops and meetings; – Has a sales structure in Portugal and internationally; – I have a strong network of contacts around the world; – Keeps informed about the latest developments in the world by participating in the most relevant international daughters.