Etrebelle Product Advantages Less needle clogging, shorten the dilution period. Immediate return to daily life after the procedure. Product description PLA + HA Hybrid Filler Etrebelle™ is a collagen stimulator made with biodegradable PLA [Poly D, L-lactide] microparticles and hyaluronic acid. Soft tissue injectable implant. Therapeutic Indications Rejuvenation: wrinkles (forehead, glabella, periorbital, nasolabial, perioral) Atrophic […]

Easy TCA® Starter 4

Easy TCA® Starter 4 Why choose Easy TCA® Starter 4 Easy and safe Description: Special peeling solution: Base solution + Aktivator TCA 50% = 15% TCA From superficial to medium depth depending on the applied quantity Short/partial social downtime No age limitation pH +/-1 Phototypes 1 to 6 Presentation: 4 ampoules each containing 2 ml […]


RENÉE Anterior Seguinte Why to choose Renée? Reestabelece um visual fresco: RENÉE’s unique HA gels impress with a rheological profile similar to that of biological matrixes. This enables seamless tissue integration as well as a natural look and smooth feel. The advantages of RENÉE’s bionic design offer a new and unique combination of ELASTICITY, COHESIVITY, […]


LIPOMATIC Anterior Seguinte Why Choose Lipomatic? Treatment of choice as an alternative to liposuction Does not require any anesthetic practically painless Product Description It is a registered solution as a cosmetic product indicated for the non-surgical treatment of localized adiposity. Its use is strictly medical and limited to specialists who have received adequate training. The […]