Why choose U225?

Precision and unique technicity

Thanks to its technical expertise and Made in France know-how, Needle Concept® has designed a reliable, ergonomic and easy to use meso-injector for both right-handed and left-handed users Users of the U225® appreciate: the precision of the settings, the ease of implementation and use, the high frequencies of injection proposed and comfort for the patient. Patients feel less painful thanks to the fineness of the needles used and the speed of penetration of the needle. Each U225® is unique. ully assembled by hand by qualified technicians, 7 hours are necessary to complete its complete assembly and numerous quality controls at different stages of manufacture. The acquisition of a U225® meso-injector is a guarantee of durability, quality that can be done with confidence.

Product Description

The U225® is a meso injector equipped with an electro-pneumatic device, a unique specificity that allows to obtain power, durability, and coherence. Thus, the high frequency allows almost painless application 450 micro-injections/minutes.

Therapeutic Indications

The U225® can be used to perform treatments on the face as well as the rest of the body, consistently and repeatably with a wide range of injection rates.

Expected Benefits

Separation of the needle & syringe

This principle eliminates all vibration phenomena and ensures perfect linearity in the movement of the needle.

High reliability & fine precision

The U225® thanks to its unique blocking system, limits the loss of product. Its design guarantees intensive use, high accuracy and proven reliability.

Adjusting the injection depth

With the U225® the practitioner can finely adjust the penetration of the needle between 1 and 10mm.

Video with application example

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Exclusive use by aesthetic medicine professionals.