Why Choose Lipomatic?

  • Treatment of choice as an alternative to liposuction
  • Does not require any anesthetic
  • practically painless

Product Description

It is a registered solution as a cosmetic product indicated for the non-surgical treatment of localized adiposity.

Its use is strictly medical and limited to specialists who have received adequate training.

The nutational infrasonic liposculpture (n.i.l.) developed by Euromi, provides the user with a comfortable, effective and precise tool, which takes liposuction to a true liposculpture of the body.

Infrasonic nutational liposculpture allows the following forms of liposuction: abdominoplasty, gynecomastia, fibrous areas, superficial liposuction, microliposuction, breast reduction, sweat glands, body lifting, etc.

Therapeutic Indications

Expected Benefits

  • Adiposity reduction

Video with application example

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Exclusive use by aesthetic medicine professionals.