Product Description


Revolutionary medical device for use in non-ablative surgery, aesthetics, dermatology and many other medical fields.

Product Advantages

Safe, effective, fast, easy to use
1 device = 8 intensities = 5 applicators
Various application possibilities
small, light, portable
Fast healing, long-lasting effect, no scarring and hyperpigmentation - unique technology

It is a portable medical device suitable for skin care, non-invasive blepharoplasty, wrinkle removal, stopping small capillary bleeding, removing small warts, reducing symptoms of couperosis, red veins, acne, pigment spots, smoothing scars and much more.

The only Plasma device on the market thanks to its patented direct current technology. This device is fully manufactured in the Czech Republic, with medical certification (CE 1023).

JETT PLASMA treatment technology is plasma based. Plasma is the fourth state of matter / ionized gas.

Expected Benefits

Thanks to its unique technology, the JETT PLASMA device allows you to achieve a long-lasting effect without scarring and hyperpigmentation.

The JETT PLASMA has a great precision of the focus of the discharge which leads to a fast cure after the treatment.


Sequence of spark discharges generated by DC voltage. Spark discharges generate heat that warms the skin.

Mechanism of direct current fulguration in contrast to discharge caused by AC affects much smaller spot of the skin, and the DC discharge does not damage surrounding tissues.

The discharge (at the edge of which is a corona) is formed between the tip of the device and the conductively interconnected skin of the patient (to the device) at a distance of a tip over the skin of 2mm. Air that contains free electrons at the point of discharge takes up a lot of energy that leads to air breakthrough, which stops being an insulator and starts to lead an electric current (a shock occurs). There is an ionization of air and it becomes plasma.

Application Areas

Suitable for:

Therapeutic Indications

Other Information

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Exclusive use by aesthetic medicine professionals.