Why Choose Duografter®II?

A single equipment to process PRP, Bone Marrow and Adipocyte

Product description

Cellular Concentration Unit

PRP, Bone Marrow and Adipocyte Concentrate at Point-of-care

A single team processes different types of fabric. Its Cells emotion® technology allows you to get the most out of all the biological and therapeutic potential of your patient’s cells.

High quality medical device for high quality biologicals.

A unique soft centrifugation technology that optimizes the separation and concentration of plates and cells while preserving their integrity and viability.

Fundamental Criteria

Expected Benefits

It is a certified sanitary product for ambulatory and surgical use (EC 0843) that is used exclusively with Proteal® products. Internal tray and furniture with approved anti-impact shielding.

Stainless steel interior. Motor and adapters of durable anodized aluminum, removable and sterilizable (Vapor, ETO, Gamma). Portable and small.

Pre-defined programming and electronic lid opening. Just press a button. Digital control of r.p.m., time and diagnosis of operating errors

Its induction motor makes it have an imperceptible noise and without vibrations. Its mechanical reliability is guaranteed and therefore it is maintenance-free.

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Exclusive use by aesthetic medicine professionals.