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A ASC – Advanced Skin Care, Lda. foi constituída em 2007, com sede nas Caldas da Rainha.
Desde então tem vindo a consolidar a sua posição como fornecedor de referência de Dispositivos Médicos,
para as especialidades de Cirurgia Plástica e Reconstrutiva, Dermatologia e Medicina Estética, entre outras.



Biorevitalization is a procedure to rejuvenate the body, face, neck, neckline and hands with immediate results. It consists of the application of various vitamins and antioxidants (for repair), hyaluronic acid and collagen (for restructuring and hydration), amino acids (for the formation of proteins such as collagen and elastin) and minerals and enzymes (to promote biochemical reactions ).


PROTEAL products designed for cutaneous applications (Dermatology, Plastic surgery and repair, Medicine and cosmetic surgery, gynecology and others).


System for obtaining PRP for Cutaneous applications.

Reproducible Quality

The patented Proteal® technology makes your PRP have unique characteristics that provide unique results. Cutaneous.pras® is a versatile and inimitable system that allows you to obtain:

PRP, PPP the Plasma Total

PRP (4ml) with a concentration of 2.2 + 0.4 x the initial concentration / m

LP-PRP(leukocytes are reduced up to 99.1%)

LR-PRP (LP-PRP + Buffy Coat)

Highly purified PRP (red blood cells are reduced up to 99.6%)

Excellent platelet recovery rate (up to 79.6%)

Platelets without activation and without functional changes. PRP retains all its platelet growth factors, plasma proteins and bioactive constituents.

Average total dose of platelets / ml of PRP: 565 million*

Data of the technical report of the characterization of PRP Proteal® (Lab.Echevarne; SCAC: Univ. Autónoma Barcelona); Barcelona, Spain. 2014. * (mean ± desv.std.n = 12).

Designed to protect and care for platelets


Adaptable to all types of medical protocol (injectable, topical, gel, membrane), with all the necessary components in a single kit.


Closed system, single use, certified by UL (ON 843). It complies with Directive 93/42 / CEE and Royal Decree 1591/2009 (AEMPS). For autologous therapies.


The whole process in 15 min (max.)


Minimum handling and easy to use.


Cellular Concentration Unit

PRP, Bone Marrow and Adipocyte Concentrate at Point-of-care

A single team processes different types of fabric. Its Cells emotion® technology allows you to get the most out of all the biological and therapeutic potential of your patient’s cells.

Average total dose of platelets / ml of PRP: 565 million*

A complete team

Certificate and insurance

It is a certified sanitary product for ambulatory and surgical use (EC 0843) that is used exclusively with Proteal® products. Internal tray and furniture with approved anti-impact shielding.

Solid and versatile

Stainless steel interior. Rotor and adapters of anodized, removable and sterilizable duralumin tubes (Vapor, ETO, Gamma). Portable and small.

Automatic and simple

Pre-defined programming and opening of the electronic cover. Just press a button. Digital control of r.p.m., time and diagnosis of operating errors.

Silent and reliable

Its induction motor makes it have an almost imperceptible noise and without vibrations. Its mechanical reliability is guaranteed and that is why it is maintenance-free.