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A ASC – Advanced Skin Care, Lda. foi constituída em 2007, com sede nas Caldas da Rainha.
Desde então tem vindo a consolidar a sua posição como fornecedor de referência de Dispositivos Médicos,
para as especialidades de Cirurgia Plástica e Reconstrutiva, Dermatologia e Medicina Estética, entre outras.


Silhouette Soft

What is Silhouette Soft®?

Polylactic Acid - Chemical and biological innovation

Fio com cones (Patente mundial Silhouette®)

A Sutura Silhouette Soft® is the only sustainable product with totally absorbed composting by polylactic acid in the world. Its American patented technology allows the manufacture of a 100% Polyamic Acid, capable of conferring or exclusive benefit of regeneration of collagen in a gradual and natural way. Or PolyActic Acid and a biomaterial material produced by just two non-world companies. Its characteristics of degradation and stimulation of collagen are scientifically reconciled and proven, making the Suture Silhouette Soft® um highly technological and differentiated.
The slow tempo of absorption allows the formation of a fibrous capsule that promotes a highly effective treatment and durability of 24 months.

Fio com cones (Patente mundial Silhouette®)

A technology of exclusive exclusivity of Silhouette®, patented and developed in the United States, years of research devoted to the improvement of two facial sustenance. Seus cones represents an advanced capacity for lifting, tracing and sustaining, compared to the old format in spicules, many times ineffective and supported by various complications (extrusão, movimentoção pinçando a derme, etc.).
To compare the support area of each of the technologies, it is possible to perceive that it allows a greater traction, anchoring, without being subcutaneous, in a consolidated and efficient manner. It should be noted that the spicules do not posses a sufficient area to support or elevated tissue, and can cause rupture of the subcutaneous adipose tissue and, consequently, result loss.

American Quality and Safety

Silhouette Soft® Suture is produced in the United States, subject to numerous standards and standard procedures for safety and efficacy that guarantee the unique quality of Silhouette® products.
In April 2016, Suture Instalift® received FDA approval, making it the only approved suture with cones by the world’s largest quality and safety agency. Upon receipt of the CE and Anvisa certifications, the FDA has been granted to bring even greater safety to its patients and strengthen the trust established between you and Sinclair Pharma® products.

Watch and learn how it works Silhouette Soft®